Updated for the week of March 30 - aPRIL 5 (Also Sunday April 12th)

Special Note: I have chosen to leave this letter up for the time being as it includes important dates and information. Read carefully though since Sunday cancellation dates and info may change. We will continue to  post Facebook Live events on Sunday mornings if we are not meeting. 

Thanks- John W

RushChurch family and friends,

On Monday, March 30th the elders at RushChurch decided it was in the best interest of the church, and the community she serves to, cancel both Sunday morning services for April 5th and April 12th. I know no one prefers this, but I do believe it is the most responsible move. Again, we must acknowledge the possibility that more Sunday services may be canceled beyond Easter, but the elders will address this in the weeks to come. We will continue to pass on this information on our website: rushchurch.com, our Facebook page and local radio stations as well as examiner.org. Please remember that all extra church activities have been canceled until further notice, which will probably be at the end of April, though I don't know that for sure. As these changes take place, the church will still be open and operating under regular office hours and the staff will continue to carry out their regular duties throughout the week, though visitations to hospitals, nursing homes and many private homes will be suspended until at least April 13th. I encourage all church members to contact the church office, or me personally, to assist you with anything we can. I further encourage all deacons of the church to be in regular phone conversation with the elderly they serve in our church and community.

While the current order to limit gatherings in Ohio does not yet apply to churches, we feel this is the most responsible move today. To suggest we do this only because “we love people and our community” can suggest also that those churches who choose not to cancel services do not love their community. I think this is false and dangerous. Churches and organizations everywhere are simply trying to do their best and make the most appropriate decisions they can in a very abnormal time. I encourage all of you to listen to this coming Sunday’s message online (found here at rushchurch.com), as I will continue to post these lessons. I will cover the importance of responding to reason and faith, and not be swayed by fear and any lies of uncertainty when we know we can have faith and eternal life in Jesus. We will look at our root to determine, through our current thoughts and actions, if it is deep, broad and strong.

I doubt many have experienced anything quite like this in their life time. It is new and potentially dangerous and certainly inconvenient. But that does not mean it needs to be scary, paralyzing or debilitating when it comes to our faith and love and continued service. Please remember to continue to give generously of your time, treasure and talent to your friends, families and neighbors as well as the church in which you are a part. We want to continue to operate, provide for our various missions and ministries, and provide for the staff who continues to serve. Call me anytime or stop by the office and I will give you any answers and assistance that I can.  

In his service,

John Watkins: Sr. Minister           

    5 year GOALS

    In the Fall of 2016 the Elders of the Rushsylvania Church of Christ identified four goals for our church as we look to the future. Our goal is to meet the first three goals by the end of 2021. 500 people in average attendance. 100 percent in Discipleship Group (D-Group) participation. $25 per capita giving. The fourth goal is to have zero building debt by the end of 2023. We believe that God has called us to do big things in Logan and surrounding counties and know that if we are faithful to this calling, He is faithful  to continue to bless our efforts.  For more details... Click Here.

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